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About CLB Consulting
Carla - Lynn Brown
Natural Health Practitioner

    For Over 20 years Carla-Lynn Brown has been practicing Iridology and Natural Health Consulting serving the Greater Toronto Area.

    After a career in Elementary Education, Carla achieved her Masters in Nutrition and received her Nutritional Consulting Practitioner License. She started a small private Health Consulting Practice doing Iridology Assessment and Natural Health Consulting out of her home office in Raglan, ON.  Over the past ten years Carla Brown has become a well-known and trusted name in the field of Nutrition and Natural Health. Due to the increase in clientele, in 2012 she moved her practice to a  location in the Village of Columbus, ON. Due to the sale of the building in which the office was located, she has since relocated the office to the Hamlet of Raglan, ON. The office is now located at 4612 Old Simcoe St. Oshawa, ON.

    Carla still volunteers every week at local Elementary Schools.

    Carla has a Masters' of Science Degree, is a Registered Nutritional Consulting  Practitioner, Registered Holistic Allergist, Certified Iridologist and a Registered Orthromolecular Health Practitioner. In addition, Carla is a Certified Herbalist and a Member in Good Standing with the I.O.N.C.  (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants)

Alyson Doran
Office Manager
 Alyson has a background in Health & Nutrition and oversees the reception, office management and day to day operations for CLB Consulting & Wellness Center. 

Kaity Lawson
Office Assistant/Receptionist
 Kaity joined our team in August 2021 and is in office on Monday and Tuesday. She is very knowledgeable in customer service and is educated in Iridology. She is here to assist clients with any questions they may have regarding our office, appointments and any general health questions.

Our Business
     CLB Consulting & Wellness Centre is a small Natural Health Consulting office that is dedicated to our clients and their physical, emotional and mental health and wellness. We are located in the Hamlet of Raglan, at 4612 Old Simcoe St. Raglan, which is located between Oshawa and Port Perry, just across the road from White Feather Farms Country Store.

    At CLB Consulting & Wellness Centre our main practices are Nutritional Consulting and Iridology, the study of the iris of the eye, to detect conditions in the body tissues such as Acute conditions (happening right now), Chronic conditions (long-term conditions) and Degenerative conditions (which indicate ongoing damage). We use a whole-body approach to healing by supporting and building the organs and tissues that are weak by programming Dietary or Lifestyle changes, Herbal Supplements and Re-balancing the body's energies.
Our Products
    ​Know what's in your supplements!  We carry quality products from trusted sources with no fillers with guaranteed purity and quality.  We use our products too! 
Only products with strict testing and quality control methods are sold or recommended.
Brands like Natures' SunshineEvolv, Gano, Young Living and Genestra can be found here.
From vitamins and minerals to herbal cleanse and weight loss supplements, there is something to help with nearly every symptom or complaint.


Carla-Lynn Brown ~  Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner & Iridologist Practitioner
 B.A., MSc, ROHP, RNCP -RP95-015, RhA, ID

Alyson Doran ~ Office Management, Reception and General Inquiries

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner ~ RNCP

Certified Iridologist ~ ID

Holistic Health Practitioner


Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner

Registered Holistic Allergist 

Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner ~ ROHP