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At CLB Consulting We Want You to Be Informed About Your Health and Proactive in Achieving Your Personal Wellness Goals.
Iridology Courses:

Carla Teaches the Iridology Course to New Students Every Year.
 Please Contact Us For Course Start Dates and More Information. 

Introduction to Iridology:
Course Generally runs from September through November
Fee: $300.00 Includes Course Material & Handouts
Time: T.B.A. Last Year: Monday Evenings, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Introduction to Iridology is an informative course, which teaches the basics about Iridology. The Introduction to Iridology Course includes a study of the body systems, where to find them on the Iris map and how to naturally treat dysfunction of those systems. The Course also includes the history of Iridology, what Iridology can and cannot do, as well as the basic signs in the Iris and what they mean. There is no prerequisite requirement for the Introduction to Iridology Course.

Advanced Iridology:
Course runs from January through June
Fee: $600.00 Includes Course Material & Handouts
Textbook: $85.00 
Time: T.B.A. Example: Last Year -Every other Monday Evening 6:30- 9:00 PM
Prerequisite: Introduction to Iridology

Advanced Iridology is a Certification course, which prepares the Iridology student for the practice of Iridology in their personal or professional life. Advanced Iridology students must complete the course and pass a rigorous exam in order to become certified. Course fee includes the cost of the exam and certificate. The Introduction to Iridology Course is a prerequisite requirement for Advanced Iridology.