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Follow-Up Iridology Consultation
1/2 Hour Appointment,  Iridology Assessment Only. The Follow-up consultation is usually scheduled about 4-6 Weeks after the initial consultation or starting a nutritional plan.

CLB Consulting Services & Fee Schedule
1 Hour Appointment, Includes Iridology Assessment, Cardiovascular Screening and Bio-Feedback Screening (Nutritional Needs Electronic Screening).
Children's Iridology Consultation
New Client:  1 Hour Appointment, Iridology Assessment Age(s) 1-12

Follow- up: 1/2 Hour Appointment, Iridology Assessment Age(s) 1-12

Iridology Full Consultation- Initial Assessment                                                                        
Environmental Allergy Testing *
1 Hour Appointment.  No previous consultation required. Testing is done using a series of vials containing the electromagnetic (vibrational) signatures of different allergens. Clients are also requested to bring potential allergens from their home. 

Please call for a list of items to bring from home or office.

1 Hour Appointment. No previous appointment required. Testing is done using kinesiology, or muscle testing, to determine the body's intolerance to particular foods. 

Our testing methods do not involve the use of scratch tests or needles. Food Allergy Testing is done using the vibrational frequency of each food item, our food kit contains over 100 food items plus common food additives.

Food & Food Additive Allergy Testing *
Harmonization (Bio-Intolerance Elimination)
Approximately 20 Min. Stimulates the opening of natural energy pathways within the body (using some of the same points as acupuncture and acupressure) and teaches the body to respond in a less threatened way when exposed to allergens.

* Testing does not include the use of blood samples, scratch tests, or needles. Our methods are non-invasive and gentle, using kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine the body's intolerance to food or environmental triggers. 

All Prices are Subject to HST (HST Not Included)
Kit Testing
1/2 - 1  Hour Appointment                                                              Fee Varies by time       

Testing is done using the electromagnetic signatures (vibrational frequency) of each item suspended in a solution within vials.     
Ears & Hearing
Endocrine System
​Major Organs
Inflammation Response
Parasites/ Worms
​Radiation/ Geopathics
Reproductive System
Plants, Mold & Yeast
Master Directory
Brain Functions
& More!

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Other Services Available

Ion Cleanse   
 - Hands or Feet  
30 minute session               $35.00

Ear Candling
- 1/2 to 1 Hour Session
            1Pair                                        $35.00
            2 Pair                                       $45.00

Hair  Mineral Analysis               $90.00

     Partnering  with CanAlt Labs, we are now offering Hair Mineral Analysis.

CanAlt Laboratories is a Canadian owned company providing nutritional element and toxic metal screening in hair and urine samples. Screening for essential minerals and toxic elements will help provide a complete, metabolic profile of the human body. 
All Prices are Subject to HST (HST Not Included)